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Enhancing interpersonal communication, relationships, and family life

Barry Ginsberg, PhD, ABPP, CFLE

Relationship Enhancement® (RE) emphasizes empathy, compassion, acceptance, nonjudgment and emotional engagement/attachment in relationships and family life. How we understand ourselves and each other is mostly dependent on the relationships we have and have had with others. RE underscores the importance of relationship and communication in giving meaning to our lives.

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    Values are fundamental for success of Relationship Enhancement

    Posted on Sep 30 by

    One of the most important principles of Relationship Enhancement is based on it being designed as an educational or skill learning approach different from traditional psychotherapy approaches. In this skill learning approach clients take responsibility for their success. The success of their practice over time is the key to outcome satisfaction. When clients recognize the value of what they are learning and are motivated to become more skillful they are more successful in achieving their goals. It’s important in educational approaches to inform clients of the underlying assumptions or values of the approach so that they thoroughly understand and can share responsibility for choosing to participate in this therapy. This establishes a collaborative relationship between therapist and client(s). In my recent publication, Relationship Enhancement in the International Encyclopedia of Counseling and Psychotherapy 2015 (SAGE), I describe the values that are fundamental to its success. Below is an excerpt that describes these values: Theoretical Underpinnings Guerney formulated Relationship Enhancement therapy as an integrative, systematic, and time-designated approach. The key values of Relationship Enhancement therapies emphasize the importance of relationships and...


    Information about ALS

    Posted on Aug 28 by

    As most people know, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is commonly called Lou Gehrig’s disease. This disease is a progressive neurological disorder for which there is no cure at present.

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