50 Wonderful Ways to be a Single Parent Family

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by Barry G. Ginsberg


book_50In this slim, accessible book, well-known family enhancement therapy expert Barry Ginsberg provides busy single-parent families with insightful and inspiring suggestions on how to heighten familial intimacy, balance work and home life, enhance communication, and boost the family fun factor.

In the last 20 years, single-parent families have become more common than their so-called nuclear counterparts. In addition to feeling as if they are under a great deal of stress, single parents also lack confidence in their ability to be ‘parent enough’ to keep family members connected and content.

This book offers 50 simple and straightforward tips that will enable single parents to feel good about the benefits their family situation provides the children. Easy-to-use techniques include talking with children about sharing decisions, developing family rituals and traditions, listening to children of different ages, balancing the pressures of work and home, making the family a team, creating time to play, discovering common ground, negotiating, and establishing boundaries.

By focusing on the positive, readers learn to embrace their roles as single parents and their entire family as a complete unit. This confidence helps them raise their children to be strong, optimistic, and enthusiastic about life, and improves the children’s chances of having strong self-esteem and the ability to sustain healthy relationships.

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Relationship Enhancement – Family Therapy

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by Barry G. Ginsberg


book_reThis is the first comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of relationship enhancement (RE) therapy since Bernard Guerney’s 1977 classic Relationship Enhancement; Jossey-Bass; San Francisco

Dr. Ginsberg begins with a thorough review of the theoretical underpinnings of RE, followed by a delineation of the role of the therapist in RE. Bolstered by extensive case studies, the remainder of the book is devoted to providing clinicians with practical guidelines for applying RE methods. Because it is aimed at arming clients with the skills to forge and foster healthy relationship treatment throughout the lifecycle, relationship enhancement therapy is inherently developmentally-oriented. Hence, this book is structured to clearly demonstrate how the principles and methods apply at all stages of development across the lifespan.

Topics covered include the use of RE to improve child/parent relationships; adolescent/parent relationships; and relationships between adults, young adults, and their families. The author also applies the RE method to specific mental health and drug/alcohol disorder problems; and to special populations, such as single individuals, single parents, and those in blended families. The book concludes with an insightful discussion of the role of relationship enhancement therapy/enrichment in the age of managed care.

Relationship Enhancement Family Therapy is important reading for family therapists, clinical psychologists, social workers, and all mental health professionals.


1. Basic Principles
2. Skills Clients Are Taught
3. Relationship Enhancement Therapist and Leadership Skills
4. The Young Child in Family Therapy Filial Relationship
5. The Adolescent in Relationship Enhancement Therapy
6. The Young Adult in Relationship Enhancement Therapy
7. Adulthood, Marriage, Coupling, and Close Relationships
8. Relationship Enhancement Family of-Origin Therapy
9. Relationship Enhancement in the Twenty-First Century
10. Brief Therapy and Managed Care
11. Appendix: Filial Therapy Parents Manual

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Parenting: A Skills Training Manual

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By Louise F. Guerney, PhD

Parenting-Manual-1The five skills for parenting which you will read in this book form a system for dealing with children. This is important to remember as you become acquainted with each skill. Each skill must be learned separately in order to best master it, but no single skill is considered enough for all situations.
For example, the first skill, Showing Understanding to your children, is the sensible place to begin. The next step in most situations is to let your children know where you stand. These two skills increase understanding between you and your children. The system then provides three skills to help you to get cooperation from your children and to teach them how to behave, so that you and they both are satisfied. The final section of the book helps you sort out your priorities so that you can decide what aspects of situations are most important in order to select the best skills for any parenting situation.
It is the system as a whole which permits you to communicate better with your child, to solve behavior problems and conflicts, to teach your child proper habits and social behavior, and to increase self-esteem, confidence, and harmony for both of you.


  • What can parents expect of children.
  • Showing understanding, Part 1
  • Showing Understanding Part 2
  • Parent Messages..
  • Structuring
  • Reinforcement
  • Rules, Limits and Consequences
  • Putting Completely Together


Filial Therapy: Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships Through Play, 2nd Edition

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By Risë VanFleet, PhD

Filil-Therpy-VanFleetFilial therapy has been shown through research and clinical practice to be an effective intervention for children and families experiencing a variety of social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. This unique therapy involves pa rents as the primary change agents to resolve child­ related problems and to encourage children’s healthy psychosocial development. Filial therapists train and supervise parents as the parents conduct child-centered play sessions with their children, an approach that not only helps eliminate presenting problems but also strengthens parent-child and family relationships. This guide covers the concepts and specific methods used in filial therapy. Common problems are discussed, and one family’s experience is followed throughout the course of therapy.

In the 11 years since this volume was first published, public and professional interest in Filial Therapy has grown substantially throughout the world. Research on the approach has also increased significantly. This second edition reflects these changes. It features updates on filial therapy methods, more detailed information about past and current research, an expanded section on formats and applications, .a description of the method’s multicultural value, and up-to-date references.

Mastering The Mysteries of Love: A Relationship Enhancement Program for Couples

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MML-1By Bernard G. Guerney, Jr. & Mary Ortwein